ProtoCentral BatteryHAT for Raspberry Pi (including battery)


With the ProtoCentral Battery HAT, add some juice to your Raspberry Pi and make it truly wireless and independent. 

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With the introduction of the Raspberry Pi 3 and its built-in Wi-Fi and BLE functions, it has potential to be used widely in IoT applciations. We were using USB "Power banks" quite a lot for making the Raspberry Pis mobile.

However, how do you make a device truly mobile and independent if you still need to have it connected to a USB port for power? Introducing the Battery HAT for Raspberry Pi, its a simple device that allows you to power your Raspberry Pi with a standard 3.7V Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery. 

Just plug this in to the 40-pin GPIO header on the Pi and turn it on. If you run out of power, plug it into a standard USB power adapter to recharge the batteries. It can't get simpler than that.

This HAT includes a 2000 mAH Li-ion battery pack, so shipping restrictions may apply.


  • ACT2802 all-in-one power management IC
  • Integrated 5V boost DC/DC converter
  • Integrated 3.7V Li-Ion/Li-Poly battery charger
  • Standard JST connector if you want to replace the default battery with a higher capacity one
  • Four LEDs show the battery power left
  • Includes 2000 mAH Li-Poly battery


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